Q: What exactly is Rezzi?

A: Rezzi is a service that allows you as a rider to make a reservation with an authorized driver from rideshare companies in your area.


Q: How does the reservation process work?

A: It is a simple process

  1. Select your pickup and dropoff location
  2. Pick a date and time for the pickup
  3. Choose the type of service you prefer from the available options
  4. Book your Rezzi
  5. You will recieve a confirmation once a driver accepts the trip


Q: How can I be confident the driver will arrive to pickup?

A: You will recieve notifications via email and text that the driver is on the way and when he arrives


Q: Can I contact the driver?

A: Yes, when a driver accepts the trip, the confirmation you see will include a contact phone number


Q: Can I know in advance what the fare will be?

A: During the reservation process, Rezzi shows you an estimated amount. This is based on the published rates from the rideshare companies and takes into consideration the time and distance of your trip. The actual price may vary and will be calculated directly using the rideshare app.


Q: Can I tip the driver using Rezzi?

A: Currently, there is no option to tip using Rezzi. Some rideshare apps allow you to tip at the end of the trip while others do not. The driver is providing a service, tipping is never required but always appreciated.


Q: How do I cancel a trip?

A: When you pull up the reservation from your active list, you will see an option to "Cancel Ride"


Q: How will I indentify my driver?

A: Your confirmation will include a picture of your driver, his contact number and show his rating


Q: Is there anything extra I need to bring a pet?

A: In the reservation there is an area for driver instructions. Please include any information about the pet here. That way the driver who accepts the trip is already aware there will be a pet.


Q: Do the drivers have car seats for children?

A: If there will be children that by law must be in a car seat. You are required to provide these for use on the trip.